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We Got 62% Boost in Brand Mentions for a High-End Real Estate Client via High DA Websites

THE GOAL: Brand awareness
FEATURED IN: Architectural Digest, Daily Mail, The Spruce, NY Post,, Yahoo! Finance, Best Life…


A real estate agency client, required us to enhance their digital presence and expand their reach in the highly competitive real estate market. They sought to increase brand mentions, boost website traffic, engage a larger audience, and ultimately gain a stronger foothold in the industry.


Our digital PR team devised a tailored and results-driven solution:

Analysis and Strategy

  • We began by conducting an in-depth analysis of the client’s UVPs to identify the untapped potential for their PR campaign that ran between August and October 2023.
  • We developed a comprehensive content strategy that incorporated newsworthy topics and narratives that position them as topical authority in their industry. 

Content Creation

Our team crafted press releases designed to showcase their expertise in the real estate industry, while also addressing the unique needs and interests of their target audience. Some of the content pieces touched upon trust-building topics like profitable home improvements, and features that devalue homes.

Real estate client post in Daily Mail
DailyMail (DR 92) publication

Media Outreach

  • We compiled a list of influential real estate and lifestyle journalists, bloggers, and media outlets. We tailored our outreach to each contact to ensure a personalized approach.
  • We established open lines of communication with the media, providing them with well-prepared press releases and valuable insights on various aspects of the real estate market.

Content Distribution

  • Strategically distributed the content to our media contacts and platforms like Daily Express, Ideal Home and Cumbria Times.
  • Our team used various digital platforms, including social media pages and industry-specific websites, to maximize the content’s exposure.
NY post article mentioning the real estate client
The client’s digital PR in NY Post (DR 91)

Monitoring and Reporting

We actively monitored the media landscape to track mentions of the client’s PRs.


  • 62% Increase in Brand Mentions: The campaign significantly raised the visibility in the digital space, resulting in a significant 42% increase in brand mentions across various platforms. In total, around 19.7 million people were reached by this campaign.
  • 87% Boost in Website Traffic: The authoritative content and media coverage drove an increase in qualified website traffic, capturing the attention of their prospects and future clients.
  • 41% Growth in Social Media Following: The social media engagement driven by the PR campaign led to a 21% growth in their social media following, further increasing their online presence.
Real Estate Client Case Study performance after digital PR campaign by Linkifi

Notable published PRs include:

Domain Authority Rank

Real Estate Client Case Study - Linkifi

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