Psychology and Personal Development Client Case Study

How We Gained Valuable Traffic For a Psychology and Personal Development Client

CAMPAIGN DURATION: September 16 2023 – November 24 2023
THE GOAL: Influx of new traffic and valuable backlinks
FEATURED IN: MSN, Psychreg, LAD Bible, BristolLive, Wales Online, Feast Magazine


A client in the field of psychology and personal development, faced the challenge of expanding their reach to a more targeted audience of qualified prospects, enhancing brand recognition, and establishing trust within their niche. The goal was to position them as a leading authority in mental wellness and personal development, fostering credibility and engagement with their audience.


To address the client’s challenges, a strategic digital PR campaign was implemented:

Our team devised a series of content-rich digital PRs that focused on topics such as mindfulness, stress management, and personal development. Each PR aimed to provide valuable insights and actionable tips for the target audience.

We also conducted targeted outreach to high-authority media outlets and journalists in the psychology and personal development space. The goal was to secure placements that not only increased brand visibility but also contributed to building high-authority backlinks.


The digital PR campaign produced significant and measurable results for the client:

  • 15 Pieces of Coverage: The carefully crafted digital PRs secured placements in reputable media outlets, totaling 15 pieces of coverage. This diversified the platform of their message, reaching a wider audience.
  • 20 Brand Mentions: The campaign substantially increased the brand mentions across various digital platforms, reinforcing their position as a trusted resource in the field of psychology and personal development.
  • Reached Audience of 1.8 Million Users: Through strategic content dissemination and high-authority backlinks, the client successfully reached an extensive audience of 1.8 million users interested in mental wellness and personal development.

Notable published PRs include:

Domain Authority Rank

psychology and personal development client case study domain rating distribution

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