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Who is Digital PR for?

Digital PR is a powerful weapon.

Affiliate marketers, SaaS innovators, business leaders, or professionals in Real Estate, Finance, Health, or any sector within Google’s YMYL category, we’re your go-to solution.

We’re SEOs at heart, understanding the priceless value of link building in boosting online visibility. As masters of whitehat PR, we run compelling campaigns that win awesome links! πŸŽ‰

With an expert representing your site, our digital PR link-building strategies will amplify your site’s authority. Digital PR isn’t just for the few – it’s for anyone seeking a powerful online footprint.

How does Digital PR work?

We have proven to be industry leaders in the PR Request space; with our done-for-you HARO and PR Request service.


Digital PR, unlike PR Requests, takes the story to the media.

We control the narrative and get your brand featured in MASSIVE publications. πŸ‘‡

πŸ“° Reactive PR
We react to the news and align your brand with what’s trending. These campaigns are our bread-and-butter, promising insanely good results.

πŸ‘¨β€πŸ’» Data/Study PR
The media loves stats! So that’s what we give them. We create timely and interesting data studies for your brand and push the findings to the media. These can often go super viral!

🧐 Expert Comment
You are the expert! So we find trending news, poignant events, and intriguing scenarios where your expert commentary gets lapped up by the media! These campaigns bolster your authority and secure awesome links!

CASE STUDIES (Typical Campaigns)

βœ… Client:
βœ… Campaign Duration: 3 months
βœ… Number of secured Links: 26

CampingGuidance PR Campaign

Campaign 1:
AI Predicting How We Will Camp in the Future
In May 2023, a digital PR campaign was launched that showcased the future of camping with innovative tent designs. The campaign featured a study that used an AI tool to visualize tents that could solve common camping challenges, such as extreme weather and equipment failure. Highlighting past technological advancements that made camping more accessible, the campaign proposed exciting new designs like self-repairing tents and electric car roof tents, aiming to encourage more people to engage in outdoor activities. The campaign was well-received due to its innovative approach, use of AI for visualization, and the potential to make camping more convenient, sustainable, and comfortable for everyone.

Campaign 2:
Camping at Festivals
The campaign providing essential camping tips ahead of the 2023 Glastonbury festival was particularly successful due to its reactive nature, capitalizing on the media hype surrounding the event. Expert advice included using a sturdy trolley for transportation, avoiding pitching tents at the bottom of hills, wise spending on tents and outfits, and making tents identifiable at night without attracting burglars. The campaign’s success was bolstered by providing practical solutions to festival-goers’ common challenges, ultimately enhancing the Glastonbury experience by ensuring comfort, safety, and convenience.

Campaign 3:
Ultimate Camping Food Hacks
The July 2023 digital PR campaign focused on camping food hacks and campfire treats, capitalizing on the surge in interest in camping and camp food among British holiday planners. The campaign shared refrigerator-free recipes suitable for wild campers and family glampers, including unusual campfire foods like Korean Army Stew and Campfire Pizza Quesadillas, and campfire snacks like Ultimate S’mores and Campfire Popcorn. It also highlighted unsafe campfire cooking practices and provided campfire safety tips. The campaign’s success was due to its timely response to increased interest in camping and providing practical solutions for a better camping experience.

LINKS πŸ‘‡πŸ‘‡πŸ‘‡

RESULTS πŸ‘‡πŸ‘‡πŸ‘‡ - results GSC

βœ… Client:
βœ… Campaign Duration: 3 months
βœ… Number of secured Links: 37

CurlCentric PR Campaign

Campaign 1:
US’s Most Treasured Skincare Brands
This digital PR campaign spotlighted the burgeoning trends in skincare and rejuvenation, leveraging the heightened enthusiasm for holistic skin health among US skincare aficionados. The initiative unveiled comprehensive insights into leading brands, with a special emphasis on the groundbreaking attributes of HydraSkin. The campaign provided in-depth analyses comparing popular brands like Neutrogena, Clinique, and EstΓ©e Lauder, offering consumers a detailed view of what sets each brand apart. Moreover, it presented deep dives into innovative skincare routines tailored for various skin types and concerns. The efficacy of the campaign can be attributed to its adeptness in addressing the contemporary skincare landscape, equipping consumers with invaluable knowledge to refine their skincare choices.

Campaign 2:
Hair Stylist Says Stop Doing These Things If You Have Curly Hair
This digital PR campaign underscored the intricate nuances of caring for curly hair, riding the wave of the burgeoning natural curly hair movement. In a rapidly diversifying market with myriad products and routines tailored for curly hair, this initiative provided a beacon of clarity, spotlighting the most common misconceptions and pitfalls faced by those with curly tresses. Anchored by the expert insights of Kira Byrd, a seasoned hairstylist, the campaign debunked myths surrounding moisture-rich products, emphasized the importance of recognizing product ingredients beyond marketing jargon, and highlighted the unforeseen damages of sleeping on cotton and avoiding salon visits. The core message underpinning the campaign was the empowerment of individuals to understand their unique hair type, shedding the notion of ‘bad hair days.’ This PR effort distinguished itself by effectively marrying expert advice with actionable solutions, guiding the curly-haired community towards better hair care practices.

Campaign 3:
Heatwave Hair Hacks
This digital PR campaign centered on “Heatwave Hair Hacks,” addressing the challenges of haircare and styling amidst summer heatwaves and high humidity. Tapping into the overwhelming rise in Pinterest searches such as ‘summer braids for black women’ and ‘brunette summer hair 2023’, the campaign provided tailored advice for different hair types, namely fine, afro, and curly hair. Esteemed hair stylist Kira Byrd shed light on the intricacies of hair behavior in sweltering conditions and imparted insights into maintaining frizz-free locks throughout the summer. The initiative also introduced five DIY hairstyles to combat the heatwave, emphasizing protective styling and the relevance of these styles in contemporary culture, as evidenced by trends set by celebrities and popular platforms like TikTok and Instagram. The success of the campaign lay in its adept alignment with the seasonal concern of hair management during heatwaves, offering actionable and stylish solutions to a wide audience.

LINKS πŸ‘‡πŸ‘‡πŸ‘‡

RESULTS πŸ‘‡πŸ‘‡πŸ‘‡

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Testimonials from our satisfied clients:

Charles Floate

I’ve been working with Linkifi for close to 4 months now; Chris and his team have been one of the few services in the world that have been able to consistently get me high-level HARO and PR links without charging extortionate rates.

Jon Dykstra

I’ve now used Linkifi for multiple projects and am very happy with the results for each project.  I will most definitely return with new projects in the future. Chris is terrific to work with; he’s hands-on, has excellent processes set up, and regularly keeps me informed about every project’s status.  Not only is the outcome excellent, but the process of working with Linkifi and Chris is excellent.  I strongly recommend Linkifi if you want press mentions and links via HARO.  I’ve yet to meet anyone who is as good at working with HARO. 

Mike Futia

Linkifi is a master at acquiring white-hat, powerful PR-level links that are incredibly impressive! Not only that, but this HARO link-building service was able to get all these links built within a couple of weeks … on a brand-new site! (The site was so new they told me I had to get my About page up before they could start pitching on my behalf!) I don’t think I’ve ever promoted a link-building service in nearly four years of running my newsletter, but I made an exception with Linkifi.

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