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  • Everything you need to know, from set-up to live link landed.
  • LIVE webinar (recording) with our lead PR-Request link builder & recording.
  • Q&A, Pitch Templates, Site List Database, and so much more…
HARO PR-request masterclass workshop


The PR-Request MasterClass is our entire agency framework broken down step-by-step – so you can begin to build insanely good links; on your own.

Or, you could even scale for your own agency and make your clients as happy as ours.

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Here are some of the links we’ve built recently for our clients, using the exact method you’ll learn in the MasterClass

LINKIFI - LATEST - WINS HARO - backlinks we built for our clients

What You’ll Learn

The Live Workshop (Recording) will be broken down into 4 sections, and by the end, you will be ready to attack those PR-Request emails like an expert ninja! And before you know it, your site will be linked to by behemoths in the online world!


  • A PR-Request breakdown and introduction as well as how the platform fundamentally works, and what the journalists are thinking on the other side of those query emails.
  • Daily routine, workflow best practice, and pitch tracking hack that will save you hours of searching through your sent emails.
  • It all starts with having an email workflow that’s set up to maximize efficiency. Whether you’re outreaching for just one site or multiple sites, we’ll get you working from a single Gmail inbox. And you’ll be ready to craft your pitches with a few clicks.
  • Auto-loaded templates for each site you’re pitching are available right within Gmail, and you can even organize your inbox with color-coded labels – so you never lose track of who you’re communicating with!
  • Manage an agency? Onboard multiple clients and send from your Google Workspace account as aliases. Low cost, and effective.


  • In most cases, you’ll want to land dofollow links from high DR sites; with lots of organic Google traffic. This is the trifecta of perfection. We’ll show you a free and paid option to quickly check if a site is even worth pitching.
  • You’ll also have access to our database of ‘sites worth pitching‘ so you can quickly search to see if it’s worth your time. Our database is constantly updating as new journalists/sites are introduced to the PR-Request ecosystem.
  • How to modify your pitch templates to include all the information journalists will need; including the correct way to send your profile image.
  • How to adjust your templates in real-time to best align with individual queries; maximizing your chances of success.
  • What to always do before your pitch!
  • What to never do before you pitch!


  • We’ll show you exactly how to disseminate what it is the journalist is after – so you are always pitching the right content.
  • A deep dive into our SECRET WEAPON, how it works, how you can access it even on a tiny budget, and how it will 10x the number of pitches you can send.
  • The real secret to winning PR-Request pitches (what other courses won’t tell you).
  • How to position yourself as an expert for multiple different queries.
  • What to write, how to write it, and what you should do if you feel ‘imposter syndrome‘ rear its ugly head!


  • The game only really just begins after you’ve sent the pitch, so this is arguably one of the most important sections.
  • How to manage your pitches after you’ve pitched them, stay organized and make sure nothing slips through the net.
  • How often you should be checking if articles have gone live and how to quickly do a Google search to see if you’ve been mentioned!
  • The exact strategy we use when you win a link, but it’s been tagged as dofollow. We got an unlinked mention tuned into a dofollow link on the New York Times. It took 5 minutes!
  • What you should do when a journalist says they will include your quote if you link to them!
  • How to outsource this entire process. It’s quite simple really, show your VA the MasterClass recording!


One-Time Payment


  • Live PR-Request MasterClass (Recording)
  • Journalist Interviews
  • All Bonuses Included
  • Linkifi Package Discount
  • Lifetime Access



Don’t worry, there are bonuses! And you get these for FREE, for LIFE. So you’ll be able to dominate PR-Requests for years to come!


✅ Swipe Files

We will provide you with a selection of our in-house templates that have been proven to win media placements time and time again. And we will also show you how to personalize them for yourself or your client to maximize your win rate!

✅ Site Database

Save hours upon hours of pre-pitch research checking if sites are worth your time. You get lifetime access to our continually updated database.

✅ Discount

We will send you a 5% Linkifi discount code (time-limited) so you can purchase our done-for-you PR-Request services and save some money – as well as a whole bunch of time!


So you’ve got some questions? Check out the FAQ, and hopefully we’ve answered the common concerns:

Do you offer a refund?

Unfortunately, we can’t offer a refund.

Does this masterclass guarantee I’ll win PR-Request links?

While we can’t guarantee individuals will win PR links, this is the exact framework we use to win them week-in-week-out. So if you apply the teachings correctly, you should see a significant uptick in your win rate.

Are PR-Requests a safe form of link building?

PR-Request link building is one of the only ways you can get links from sites like Forbes, NYT, HuffPost, etc. These are the biggest sites in the world, and Google gives them lots of love. If you get a link from these sites, some of the love will pass on to you.

Will I need to pay any additional money to implement your techniques after the masterclass?

While I do show you some paid tools (and how to get them at a huge saving) they are not essential to our methods. You can do this entirely for free.

Can I ask a question before I decide to purchase?

Absolutely, there is a contact form at the bottom of this page.


Christopher Panteli

Hey, I’m Chris. I’m the co-founder of and I’ll be your master instructor for this epic PR-Request Masterclass event. I’ve been building PR links for clients and my own sites for the best part of 4 years – and I’ve learned a few things along the way. I can’t wait for you to attend this event and hopefully learn the skills you need to dominate PR Link-Building for years to come.

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