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We’ll pitch journalists and land powerful links on your behalf

Hand Sourced

We source journalists’ inquiries, vet the sites, and pitch on your behalf.

Average DR

Current average DR for placements 79; Ahrefs metric.

Minimum Traffic

All sites have recognized organic Google monthly visits.

Earned Links

No paid links. These links are earned through pitching journalists.

Secure Payments

Effortlessly secure payments via Stripe’s trusted platform.

White Label

White-label reporting is also available if requested. Just ask!

Don’t just take our word for it…

Charles Floate

I’ve been working with Linkifi for close to 4 months now; Chris and his team have been one of the few services in the world that have been able to consistently get me high-level PR links without charging extortionate rates.

Jon Dykstra

I’ve now used Linkifi for multiple projects and am very happy with the results for each project.  I will most definitely return with new projects in the future. Chris is terrific to work with; he’s hands-on, has excellent processes set up, and regularly keeps me informed about every project’s status.  Not only is the outcome excellent, but the process of working with Linkifi and Chris is excellent.  I strongly recommend Linkifi if you want press mentions and links via PR-Requests.  I’ve yet to meet anyone who is as good at working with this sort of link-building. 

Mike Futia

Linkifi is a master at acquiring white-hat, powerful PR-level links that are incredibly impressive! Not only that, but this PR-Request link-building service was able to get all these links built within a couple of weeks … on a brand-new site! (The site was so new they told me I had to get my About page up before they could start pitching on my behalf!) I don’t think I’ve ever promoted a link-building service in nearly four years of running my newsletter, but I made an exception with Linkifi.

The best links are earned. We’ll help you get your brand mentioned (and linked) in major publications

Linkifi - HARO-2

We’ll Pitch Journalists.

You Focus on Growing Your Business

Links are immensely important for your online property’s growth and continued visibility. So let us do what we do best and build them for you. While you focus on everything else!







How Our Process Works

Choose Your Package

Choose the monthly package and complete the checkout process. You’ll receive a welcome email containing a link to your onboarding form. Once submitted, we’ll promptly begin work.

Pitch Journalists

We’ll monitor journalists’ inquiries and start pitching. When a good opportunity comes up, we’ll vet the site and create a pitch that highlights your business and expertise. We’ve pitched to hundreds of journalists so we know how to make our pitches stand out to increase the likelihood of our pitch being included in the article.

Monitor Pitches and Report

As the links come in, we’ll add them to your report. You’ll be able to see when new links are landed in real-time. 

Linkifi - Our Process

Why PR-Request & Press Links

  • Build your brand authority on major publications
  • Position yourself as the go-to authority in your space
  • Press links are hard to acquire. That means it will be difficult for your competitors to get the same links
  • Link power. The high DR sites won by pitching journalists will help increase your own domain strength

Testimonials from our satisfied clients:

Jason Mills


Chris and Linkifi’s team have completed three projects for me with outstanding results. I’ve tried multiple services, but Linkifi tops them in speed and quality. Chris is keen to highlight the team’s successes, showcasing his passion. We now boast links from leading publications in our field. Chris only takes clients when confident in the expert’s credibility, a testament to their high success rate.

Carl Broadbent


When my website’s traffic hit a frustrating plateau, I knew it was time to give my authority and SEO rankings a boost. Their top-notch PR links did just that – I quickly witnessed a remarkable surge in my rankings and an impressive boost in overall domain authority over the next few months.

Niche Site Lady review
Niche Site Lady


I knew that PR links were valuable but never managed to find the time to respond to journalist requests promptly, and making the first and best response is the key! Outsourcing the job to Linkifi took it off my plate, and they do a much better job of it than I could have done myself. Their communication is spot-on, and the dashboard makes it easy to monitor progress. Using Linkifi really helped my newest sites grow fast.

Carly Cbell


I was so impressed that Linkifi managed to get me a backlink from MSN in just a couple of short days! Thanks, guys!

Here’s what you can expect from our Rising Star and Thought Leader Packages:

  • We start pitching right away, but we’re beholden to the journalists and editors for the publications
  • We’ll keep you updated on the progress along the way
  • Average DR 79+ Links
  • White-label reporting updated in real-time
Here's what you can expect from our Rising Star and Thought Leader Packages - Linkifi

Monthly Pricing


Monthlifi 2

$1,500 /month
  • 2 PR Links Per Month
  • 4 month minimum
  • Average DR 79+
  • E.g. WordStream, Express, TheSun, GoBankingRates, HuffPost, ApartmentTherapy, Metro, Realtor, NASDAQ, Forbes, NYT, NYP, Bustle

What To Expect 🤔

Linkifi is a done-for-you PR-request link-building service. Our clients have been featured in the biggest publications on the planet.

What is PR-Request Link Building?

If you’re looking to increase your website’s search engine rankings and drive more organic traffic, then you should definitely consider using PR requests.

This allows you to reply directly to journalists with commentary and land quotes and links in massive publications.

A few publications we’ve landed links on for our clients 👇

  • Forbes
  • NYT
  • TheWashingtonPost
  • WallStreetJournal
  • Inc
  • Money
  • CreditCards
  • Nasdaq
  • MSN
  • Yahoo
  • Metro
  • Express
  • TheSun
  • IdealHome
  • GoBankingRates
  • Mashable
  • ApartmentTherapy
  • Travel&Leisure
  • Bustle
  • Homes&Gardens
  • Realtor
  • SFGate
  • BobVila
  • TheSpruce
  • ArchitecturalDigest
  • ReadersDigest
  • PeopleMagazine
  • PetMD
  • Care
  • Parade

Why Use PR-Requests?

The absolute best links you can build on the largest publications on the planet.
PR-Request links are earned links. They cannot be bought.
100% white hat links. This is maybe the last true white hat link-building strategy.

Campaign Example

Industry: Finance

👉445% increase in organic traffic
👉DR (domain rating) increased from 8 to 30

Starting DR:

👉 8

Ending DR:

👉 30

Organic Traffic

Frequently Asked Questions

Do you incorporate Terkel into your operations?

Though we love Terkel, its innovative platform, and its unique business approach, it isn’t part of our current operations. Terkel primarily functions as a premium guest post submission platform rather than providing authentic, editorially earned media placements. While such links can indeed be beneficial and should be considered in a comprehensive link-building strategy, we prefer to uphold the high standards of genuine press links through PR request platforms.

Can I build links to product pages?

Most links will go to the homepage. That’s just the way journalists tend to link people when they quote them. If you have a high-quality informational piece, then we can include it in our pitches when it’s a good fit.

Can you share some example links you’ve landed?

Sure, check these out: NYT, GoBankingRates, Realtor, TextHelp, MIC, TheKitchn, DiveIn, AZBigMedia, Score, and Bustle.

Can I pick my anchor text?

No, sorry. Journalists do not consult with us on the anchor text. They will typically use a branded anchor text (your business name or your name).

Why does it take 2 – 4 weeks to land the first link? Can we speed up the process?

We start pitching immediately, but the journalists are working on their own timelines. Some sites have lengthy editing processes as well. We can’t speed up the process, but it is possible that we’ll land the first link sooner. We just can’t make any promises there.

Can I review the pitch before you submit it?

Unfortunately, we aren’t able to allow reviews of the pitches. Getting the pitches out quickly is crucial, as the journalist will end up with a stack of pitches to go through. We want to be one of the first pitches they see.

Why do journalists include pitches in their articles?

Journalists are looking for quotes from experts to support their articles. That’s where we come in. We pitch your business so that journalists can quote you as the expert.

Are there any clients you won’t work with?

Please note: We don’t work with adult, pharma, CBD, or casino/gambling sites.

Can I talk to you before signing up?

Of course, just fill out the form below, and we will be in touch!

Are all links dofollow?

We will ensure that at least 50% of the links we build are dofollow. Some of the best publications in the world do not include dofollow links as part of their editorial process, and we do not want to miss these opportunities.

Do syndicated links count toward my order?

We actively target top-tier publications that we know syndicate to other top-tier publications. Only syndicated dofollow links that meet the metric requirements of your order will count toward your link total.

What happens if you land more than one link on the same publication?

We will actively pitch the same publications multiple times until we land a link, and sometimes we end up landing multiple links on the same publication. In this situation, we bill for the first and second links. It will be free if we land a 3rd link on the same publication.

Note: This only applies to DR 70+ sites. For anything below DR 70, we would only charge for the first link; the second link would be free.

How do I cancel?

We operate on a minimum 4-month campaign. However, if you decide that you’d like to stop after this period, it’s as simple as sending an email to [email protected], 30 days before you want to cancel. So, let’s say you don’t want to enter a 5th month, just drop us a line on the day you’re billed for the 3rd month. If you’re thrilled with your links (and we’re pretty sure you will be) and want to keep going, there’s nothing you need to do. Just sit back and enjoy the service.

Do you have a minimum DR for billable links?

Yes, the absolute minimum is DR-50; however, our average is DR-79+

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