Camping Guidance Case Study: Linkifi

How We Boosted Outdoor Lifestyle Brand’s Traffic and Mentions

THE GOAL: Brand positioning, audience reach
FEATURED IN: Advnture, Yahoo! Life, Life Wire,, Homes and Gardens,…


An online platform that reviews and compares products for outdoor lifestyle, despite being an already reliable source of camping-related information, wanted to expand their footprint, connect with a wider audience, and position themselves as a go-to resource for outdoor enthusiasts everywhere.


Our team implemented a comprehensive digital PR strategy to reach the client’s goal.

Content Creation

  • We initiated by conducting extensive research to identify popular topics and trends in the camping and outdoor adventure niche.
  • Drafted high-quality, informative, and engaging content pieces that catered to the interests and needs of the target audience. mention of our lifestyle client
Content written for (DR 89)

Media Outreach:

  • We developed detailed target media lists, specifically focusing on outlets in the US and UK.
  • Tailored email pitches were crafted for each journalist to ensure that the content resonated with their readership.

Content Distribution:

  • We distributed the content to our meticulously researched media contacts.
  • The content was disseminated through various digital channels to maximize its reach.
  • We actively engaged with the media by sending follow-up emails and maintaining open lines of communication.
  • We continued to research new media contacts and initiated outreach to expand our network.

Monitoring and Reporting:

  • Our team constantly monitored the media landscape for coverage of their content.
  • We documented all coverage and compiled it into a comprehensive report for the client.
Lifestyle client brand mention
Brand mention in (DR 92)


  • 26 Pieces of Coverage: The client secured 26 media placements in reputable publications and websites, mostly reginal and international, amplifying their brand’s visibility.
  • 15.9 Million Reached Audience: The media coverage generated a vast outreach, exposing the client to a potential audience of 15.9 million readers and viewers.
  • 41 Brand Mentions: The content strategically placed the brand within the narratives of various articles and news pieces, resulting in 41 prominent brand mentions.
  • 25 Quality Backlinks: A substantial 48% of the backlinks generated were from websites with excellent domain rankings, significantly boosting the client’s SEO profile.
lifestyle client digital pr case study - traffic and dr improvement

Notable published PRs include:

Domain Authority Rank

lifestyle client digital pr case study - domain rating site distribution

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