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How a Niche Client Grew its Audience and Domain Rating

CAMPAIGN DURATION: 29 August 2023 – 12 December 2023
THE GOAL: Increase in brand awareness, more qualified traffic
DR Growth: +1
FEATURED IN: Yahoo! Life, Daily Mail, The London News, Psychreg, Feast Magazine, Daily Waffle…


A leading provider of exam paper practice materials faced the challenge of expanding their reach to a broader audience of qualified prospects, improving brand recognition, and building trust within their target demographic. The goal was to establish them as a reliable and comprehensive resource for effective exam preparation, gaining the trust of students, parents, and educators alike.


To address client’s challenges, a strategic digital PR campaign was designed for multiple months, each month addressing a specific topic designed at various segments of their target audience.

August: Poetry Tok
September: UK’s Favourite School Dinners
October: Jobs of the Future
November: Santa School
December: Most Expensive Private School


The digital PR campaigns produced remarkable results for the client:

  • 73 Pieces of Coverage: The diverse and engaging content led to coverage in various high-authority media outlets, totaling 73 placements.
  • 80 Brand Mentions: The campaigns significantly increased the client’s brand mentions across digital platforms.
  • Reached Audience of 3.4 Million Users: Through strategic content dissemination, the client successfully reached a broad audience of 3.4 million users interested in educational and exam-related content.
Client's traffic and DR growth over time

Notable published PRs include:

Domain Authority Rank

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